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Barnet Residents are joining 100,000 other people at the biggest climate protest.

The climate, nature and humanity face disaster. We know it’s time to act. Do you trust politicians to do the right thing for us? For the planet?

Supported by dozens of other organisations, join us at this family-friendly protest!

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We are facing a global climate and ecololigical crisis - here in Barnet, and across the globe.

The Council's constitution claims to care about residents voices but their actions speak differently, rejecting a citizen's assembly. E-mailing local councillors and members of parliament has not worked. The Council failed to declare a climate emergency.

Matthew Offord and Theresa Villers have declined to support the CEE Bill - which would force the government to act based on it's optimistic words. They do not want to have to act, they prefer words. Words win elections.

Barnet Council have rejected the idea of climate change, let alone. They think planting a 900 trees a year is enough (literally!).

Our local authority, our representitives, are failing to safeguard us.

Now we are forced to rebel for life

Join Us!

Barnet Council

Have rejected the concept of global warming (claiming that planting 900 trees a is enough).

We are one of the last london councils to declare an emergency..

The Rebellion

After decades of Letters, Pettitiions and empty promises - our last chance is rebellion.

We rebel because those with the power are ignoring us.

We rebel because we're scared for the future.

We rebel because we have no other options.

Join Us

Extinction Rebellion Barnet are a group of active residents fighting for change. We worksupport our fellow green organisations and work in compliment - piling on the pressure to get those in power to listen to those who have been crying out for change for decades.

We wish we didn't exist, we wish we didn't have to use our annual leave to protest, we don't like going out during COVID any more than anyone else. But time is running out, and our politicians are still playing their party politics games.

We don't care about your politics, we care about your fight. If you believe Barnet Council, the UK Government, Matthew Offord and Theresa Villiers should be taking action about the climate emergency - get in touch.