Extinction Rebellion Barnet use the XR UK Communications Hub to organise.

Get Setup

You'll need to request an invite in order to gain access. Contact us if you don't have access.

Web Based Login & Setup

To access the services from your computer use this link. For more details of the different services and how to use them see Mobile Apps below.

Note: There are 3 icons but the 4th just takes you back to the login page.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

You need to complete your setup via the web based login before you can use the mobile apps.

You only need to install the apps you want to use. If you're new, start with MatterMost today and then add Discourse in a few weeks. You only need NextCloud if you want to see or edit documents.

MatterMost - Chat

MatterMost is like WhatsApp. Use it for quick messages and brief discussions both in groups and private messages. Messages are seen by whoever happens to be online but discussions tend to get lost in history.

MatterMost Mobile/Desktop:

Discourse - Forums/Discuss

Discourse is for important or lengthy discussions. Previous discussions are stored and can be seen by new members who can also contribute to them.

DiscourseHub Android:

DiscouroseHub iOS:

NextCloud - File Storage

NextCloud is for file storage, copies of minutes, collections of photos, budget spreadsheets etc.