Seed Packs

Thanks for taking some seeds to plant!

Growing your own food helps us feel connected to nature in a world where everything seems to be steralised, plastic wrapped and presented in neat lines in brightly lit supermarkets.

Earth, and life, is more than that! It's about getting your fingers dirty, about reaping the rewards of your work and... sometimes dealing with the disapointment of a plant that wasn't meant to be.

Extinction Rebellion thinks that the system we live in is broken and isn't going to fix itself. We pressure the government to take the Cliamte & Ecological Emergency seriously through non-violent direct action.

XR has a place for everybody, whether you want to give out free seeds in the park or glue yourself to an airplane or anything in between.

We're creative, we sing, we support each other as we all live with the impedning threat of a disaster our Government is not preparing for.

If you'd like to join us to learn more abuut what we do, please fill in this form:

And without further ado - we defer to the experts with everything you need to grow your seeds: