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Extinction Rebellion believes that our system is fundamentally flawed. We fight for the system change desperately needed to address the climate emergency and recognise that many other groups are fighting for similar change. We support these groups.

Black Lives Matter

Racial justice, white supremacy and the climate crisis are inextricably linked.

The climate and ecological crisis is the culmination of the colonialist project. The same White European, colonial forces that enacted extreme violence on, and the theft of, brown bodies, also extracted from the natural world and the Earth’s resources with a similar violence.

The system we are currently living in continues to exploit the natural world, and continues to be enabled to do so by exploiting the bodies, resources, land and labour of people of colour. The same system that ranks the value of humanity according to race, class, gender, sexuality and health also values profit over all else, even the continuation of life on this earth.

We urgently need a green recovery and a just transition. This will not happen unless the current burning injustices, centuries old, are addressed. We will not heal our broken planet unless we can repair the damage done over centuries of colonial violence.

It is the responsibility of every White/non-Black POC to talk about these issues and amplify Black voices. We are not sharing this only because it is part of the fight against the climate crisis. We'd ask anyone who feels some resistance to Barnet XRXRI rebels speaking about these issues to read up on white fragility, and reflect on where that resistance might be coming from, as well as what it means.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Petitions to Sign

Successive UK governments inaction on the climate emergency despite decades of petitions and letter have lead to XR's focus on NVDA to force change, however some individual petitions have worked and there's no harm in signing petitions in addition to other forms of pressure.

It's important to note that the UK Government do not consider any petitions other than on their official petitions' website.

You can find all the relevant petitions in one place here: